International Studies Unit Outline

Area of Study 1 – Globalisation & Internationalism

Outcome 1 – Completed by end of Week 7 Term 1

Analyse the concepts of globalisation and internationalism and evaluate their impact on the role of the state and the concept of sovereignty.

Part 1


a: Course Outline

b: Introduction to historical and political context

c: Key ideas and meanings of globalisation and internationalism

Part 2

Key Institutions

a: IMF, WTO, World Bank

b: The United Nations

Part 3

Key Global Issues

a: International Trade

b: Environment

c: Human Rights & Migration

d: Technology & Communications

e: Politics

f: Detailed Study

  • Globalisation and The Environment
  • Globalisation and Poverty
Part 4
State & Sovereignty
a: The State, Sovereignty & National Interest
b: Internationalism, Globalisation & The State
c: Millenium Development Goals

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