Words on a Cloud

This week you have been asked to create a Wordle, each class on a different topic. Wordle creates word clouds, which are visual depictions of words. They are often used to describe the content of a site. Here is an example of what Wordle does:

Now, it’s your turn to create one.

  • go to www.wordle.net
  • click on ‘create’ which is at the top of the page.
  • in the box write the words you want to have in your wordle then click ‘go.’
  • play around with the colour and layout of your wordle as much as you like.
  • when you have decided which one you would like, you need to take a screen shot of it and create a .jpg file. On a Mac, use Command-Shift-4 and then draw a box around the Wordle. When you release the keys it will create a .jpg file on your desktop. On a PC hit ‘Print Screen’ then paste the file into ‘Paint’ and crop it. Save it as a .jpg.
  • save this file in two places – once in your eLocker on StudyWiz and once somewhere else

A couple of hints for Using Wordle:

  • the more times you put a word into the text box, the bigger the word will appear
  • if you use the tilda key (~) between two words (for example coburg~senior) then those two words will appear next to each other as a phrase

When you are creating your Wordle, you need to think carefully about what words you will include and how big you want them to be in relation to each other. It is one thing to throw a bunch of words in and make them look nice, but you will need to be able to explain why you have chosen the words that you have.

  • are the words you are including really relevant to the topic?
  • are there any words you need to make bigger than other words?
  • try a few layouts – which one emphasises the point you want to make the best?

Again, make sure you save your Wordle as a .jpg and in two different places. You will be asked for it in our next class. See you then!

P.S Just as a reminder, here are your topics for your Wordles:

Year 10 – What is technology?

Year 12 Int Studies – What is Globalisation? or What is Internationalism?