Bring On The Revolution!

Um, excuse me but what on earth has the French Revolution got to do with you? Why would you want to know about it, let alone study it in detail? Are you mad?! Why bother with history at all?

Here is the Keynote that started out class discussion today:

History – Why Bother

Here is our class Wordle about what history is and why it is important:

The next activity is getting you to introduce yourself (you may know each other but I don’t know you!) in 12 seconds. Firstly you have to fill in this intracultural historical profile, and then you need to go to and sign in as cshsjessmc. You will need to ask me for the password. You then record a 12 second snippet (and it cuts you off at 12 seconds) of who you are and why you are interested in studying history. You can either create the video right from a computer, or you can use your mobile phone and then upload it to a computer via bluetooth. Alternatively, if you have internet on your phone, you can email it straight to the 12 Seconds account. I’ll give you the email address in class. I’ve done my video so you can use that as an example. Don’t be fooled that it will only take you 12 seconds to complete – I had about 5 goes before I got it right and didn’t stumble over my words 🙂

That should be done in class time. Before next class, make sure you have:

  • signed up to Diigo and joined the class group. You can read about what that means here.
  • signed up to the ning network which you will find here.
  • created a Wordle on ‘What is a Revolution?’ You can find instructions for that here.