IS Week 5 – Searching The UN

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Our next topic is internationalism and the United Nations. This is the task you need to complete:

Find answers to the following questions:

  • What is internationalism?
  • Look up each of these organisations, and write notes on what the objective of each is, where it is based etc. How do each of these organisations reflects the ideas of globalisation and/or internationalism?: International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, UN Commission on Refugees, International Labour Organisation.
  • What is the United Nations?
  • What does the UN do to promote peace?
  • What does the UN do for development?
  • What does the UN do for human rights, justice and international law?
  • How does the UN work?
  • Name and describe the principal organs of the UN.
  • How many member countries are there in the UN?
  • Which are the newest members?
  • How many members were there when the UN Charter was signed?
  • Why are there so many more members now?
  • How many countries are members of the Security Council? Who has veto power and what is it?
  • What are the official languages of the UN?
  • How has the UN responded to the threat of the global terrorism?
  • Research and outline the attempts to reform the UN Security Council.
  • How could Australia become a member of the UN Security Council?
  • Draw a simple table outlining the structure of the United Nations

Now, before you run off and jump on to Google, excited to find all the answers, there is a little more refined seraching involved. It’s one thing to use Google, it’s another one to use it well. Read this blog post called ‘Better Googling‘ and make sure you watch the videos (which are on the K Drive in StudentShare in a Folder called ‘Better Googling’) and check out some of the links that tell you how to use Google more effectively to get better results. Also, look out for the next blog post which is called ‘Searching WITHOUT Google.’

With all of your United Nations information, and all your shiny new searching skills, you now have to produce a KeyNote (in pairs) that shows other people how to use Google more effectively, search options other than Google, as well as explaining what the United Nations is and what it does (refer to the questions above in your presentation). Make sure that you have shown at least THREE different ways that you used Google to find your information as well as at least THREE search engines/sites OTHER THAN Google that you also used.

P.S You may want to watch these two short videos. Yes, I know they are titled ‘The United Nations FOR KIDS’ and they are aimed at students much younger than yourselves, but they are good videos that explain things really clearly.