Technology and Time

Here is the Keynote that is a combination of the Wordles you made about technology and the photos you took of technology around the school. What is the overwhelming idea of technology that seems to be present here?

Here also is a link to the results of the survey that you did last week:

Now that you have talked about your current understanding of what technology is, it is time to take it a bit further…into the past. You now have to get into groups of 3 and complete a Keynote presentation that will be made into movie and uploaded to the Race Around The World Youtube channel.

In your groups you should have:

  • a mix of girls and boys
  • someone who you have not yet sat next to
  • someone whose name you still aren’t sure of

This assignment is due by the end of class on Friday 13th Feb.

(Look out for a blog post on how to make searching on the internet a bit more specific and easier!)

Here is the assignment: (or you download the Word document by clicking on this link: technology-through-the-ages

Technology Through The Ages

AIM – The aim of this assignment is for you to explore how technology has developed over time. This may challenge or confirm your current understanding of what technology is or isn’t, and this assignment will give you the change to reflect on that. By completing it you should be able to discuss what you understand the meaning of technology to be and give some relevant examples.

In groups of 3 you are required to research the major technological developments of one of the following eras:

?    Cavemen to 800s
?    800s to 1500s
?    1500s to 1800s
?    1800s to 1900s
?    20th century
?    21st century so far
You need to include the following information for 3 significant items created in your era:

•    Describe what the invention is
•    When was it invented
•    Why it is so important (in other words, justify why you feel it is one of the most significant inventions)
•    What it meant for the world as we know it today

•    In your presentation you also need to include a definition of technology. You can use the Wordle you created if you like. After you have completed your research, think about whether or not your understanding of technology has changed. Comment on this somewhere in your presentation.

You must use a minimum of 2 websites for your research on each item. Don’t just rely on the information you find on one site. Make sure you note the website you source material from on the bottom of the keynote slide. Directly after the website write the date accessed, for example: accessed 8/02/09

Format: Use Keynote to put your presentation together. Your presentation needs to include a voiceover – and all of the voices in your group need to be heard. Then export the presentation from Keynote to Quicktime, creating a movie file.

Submission: Your completed presentation is due by the end of our last class for this week. You need to upload it to the RATW folder on StudyWiz. Your final presentations will be uploaded to TeacherTube and YouTube. Students and teachers from around the world will be invited to comment on your work. You will also be asked to view and comment on your classmates work.

NOTE: Please DO NOT use your surnames on your work. First names only because they are being uploaded to the internet.

Audio version of this post:


What Is Technology?

Today (Friday) in RATW class we are looking at definitions of technology. There are three different activities you need to complete:

1. Answer this survey: What is Technology?

Make sure you take your time and note that one word or one sentences answers are not going to be enough to answer the questions properly.

2. With your mobile phone, go for a walk around the school and take at least 6 photos of items of technology. Be a bit creative with your photos – use different angles etc to make your photos interesting. Bluetooth your photos to my phone or computer, and I will put them on the Student Share drive.

3. Watching this video, called The Fourth Screen, then answer the 2 questions below. You need to write at least 1 paragraph for each answer (1 paragraph = 4-5 sentences).

  • How can technology bring us together?
  • How can it separate or isolate us?
Whatever you don’t finish in class time needs to be completed at home. Also, make sure you have signed up to the Diigo group and have saved one bookmark there. Come and see me if you are having trouble with this.