Oral Histories

Working in pairs:

Find an oral history of someone who has survived the Holocaust. Start at http://www.tellingstories.org 

Go to http://fcit.usf.edu/holocaust/resource/VR.htm and watch a virtual movie of the camp relevant to the story you just listened to.

Do further research on the main points of the story – events, places etc.

Be prepared to report back to the class and tell the story of the person you researched.

Questioning Backwards

After watching the following video, you have 30 seconds to write a ‘stream of consciousness’ about what you have just seen. That means just write down words that come to mind to help you describe and question what you have just watched:

Now, you have a reading to complete. It is several pages long. Work in groups to divide it up and then summarise your part for everyone else in your group. You then need to address the following three points:

  • What is the crisis you are reading about?
  • What is the conflict you are reading about?
  • What questions will you ask that will take you back in time to find out how this happened?
Discuss these with your group and record your discussion both with written notes and by recording it on someone’s phone.
Now you have to think back to the movie ‘The Pianist’ and as a class we will discuss the following question:
  • from what you have read and seen how accurate do you think ‘The Pianist’ is?