What Is Technology?

Today (Friday) in RATW class we are looking at definitions of technology. There are three different activities you need to complete:

1. Answer this survey: What is Technology?

Make sure you take your time and note that one word or one sentences answers are not going to be enough to answer the questions properly.

2. With your mobile phone, go for a walk around the school and take at least 6 photos of items of technology. Be a bit creative with your photos – use different angles etc to make your photos interesting. Bluetooth your photos to my phone or computer, and I will put them on the Student Share drive.

3. Watching this video, called The Fourth Screen, then answer the 2 questions below. You need to write at least 1 paragraph for each answer (1 paragraph = 4-5 sentences).

  • How can technology bring us together?
  • How can it separate or isolate us?
Whatever you don’t finish in class time needs to be completed at home. Also, make sure you have signed up to the Diigo group and have saved one bookmark there. Come and see me if you are having trouble with this.