Embedding History

You have all been given a short reading called ‘The Great Powers Before 1914.’ Make the time to read it thoroughly and then get on to YouTube (or any other video sharing site) and find a video about one of the leaders you just read about or one of the events. You need embed the video on our class wiki which is here. To embed something you

  • copy the embed code from the video’s page
  • go to the wiki page you are putting it on
  • click ‘Edit This Page’ and the page will look something like a word document with a toolbar at the top.
  • click on the little blue icon on that toolbar that looks like a TV
  • In the window that pops up, choose ‘Video’
  • then select the video site you need
  • past the embed code into the box and click ‘Save’
  • write your name (first name only!) underneath your video
  • click ‘save’ which will close the page for editing and you should be able to see your video

Here is one I found about the Ottoman Empire: