Socialising Your Favourites

Heard of social bookmarking? You know how you save your favourites to your browser by hitting ‘favourites’ or ‘bookmarks’? Social bookmarking is just doing that online instead of in your browser. The advantage of this is that you have a list of your favourite websites on any computer that has internet access. The ‘social’ part comes in when you look at other people’s bookmark lists, add people to your network if they have similar interests to you and often bookmark things you would like to see as well, and because you can join groups, and have discussions about what is being bookmarked and other related conversations. Watch this short video for another explanation:

If this video doesn’t load, you can see it here.

Now, I know that the example in the video uses Delicious as a bookmarking site, but we are going to use another one, Diigo. It works the same way, but has a few extra features, like groups and being able to annotate the bookmarks you save, as well as highlight parts on websites and leave sticky notes on sites. your job now is to:

If you have any problems or there is something you aren’t quite sure of, leave a comment on this blog, send me a message through Diigo or by email: