Learning Activities

Here you will find a list of tasks that have been set for your subject so you can make sure you are up-to-date. Each task is linked to the blog post that outlines exactly what you have to do and how you submit it.

Race Around The World

  1. Wordle on Technology
  2. 2 Questions on Fourth Screen video
  3. Sign up to Diigo group
  4. Technology Through The Ages Assignment

Twentieth Century History

  1. Sign up Diigo Group
  2. 60 Second History of Me
  3. Put video from YouTube (or elsewhere) on the wiki
  4. Definitions of ‘ism’ words
  5. Political Ideology questions
  6. Finish Holocaust reading your were given in class

Revolutions History

  1. Sign up to Diigo Group
  2. Sign up to Ning Network
  3. 12 Second TV Introduction
  4. Wordle on what a revolution is
  5. What a Revolution Is Not Comic Life
  6. Choose a Revolutionary character and write up your ning profile appropriately
  7. Corresponding with Royalty podcast

International Studies

  1. Sign up to Diigo group
  2. Sign up to Google Reader and add news and blog feeds
  3. Wordle on Globalisation or Internationalism
  4. Find cartoon about globalisation
  5. Read course and unit introduction (handouts)
  6. 500 word globalisation essay
  7. Political Ideology Questions
  8. Set up you blog
  9. Globalisation and Its Institutions research and questions
  10. Multinational Corporations data collection
  11. Multinationals in Developing Countries cartoon
  12. Researching the UN with and without Google
  13. Misunderstandings and criticisms of the WTO, IMF and World Bank
  14. Comment on example of internationalism blog post
  15. News report on key issues affected by globalisation and internationlism

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