Internationalism, Globalisation and Key Issues


Read or listen to all the sections of ‘The way in which globalisation and internationalism have affected key global issues.’ You will find the recording on the K Drive. StudentShare, International Studies folder.

After you have read it, and working in pairs, complete the following:


  • Choose one area to focus on


(regroup as class and see who is doing what – we have to make sure there is an even spread)


  • Read the activities associated with that section and complete them
  • Find three current articles from different newspapers about your chosen area
  • Prepare a presentation of your issue as a news report either with iMovie or Xtranormal
  • You new report should focus on how globalisation and/or internationalism has impacted on the issue you have chosen, using recent examples.

You have three classes o finish this – we will watch all presentations in next Tuesday’s class. We need to make sure that all topics are covered, so it is important that you do complete your work.

Meanwhile, I will be catching up with you all individually about outstanding work as well as interviewing you about the misunderstandings of the WTO and the criticisms leveled at the IMF, World Bank, and WTO (the group work we did last week but didn’t discuss cause I wasn’t here). 

Also, I will be creating 3 Vox Pops on the United Nations – I will ask various people a different question each day about the UN. Choose which day you will be asked:

TUESDAY: What is Internationalism and how is the UN attempting to uphold this idea?

THURSDAY: Why is the UN said to be in need of reform and what reforms have been suggested?

MONDAY: What does the UN do to promote peace? Do you think these things have been effective?

You also need to answer the ‘Review and Revise Questions’ that can be found on StudyWiz. Hand these in to me via email or StudyWi by Thursday.

Image is: ‘”2008″ Brussels Remembers 1958’

Proud example of internationalism

Photo description from Flickr: This was an unusual find in Ripon Cemetery, a Japanese born soldier in the Canadian Army, buried in Ripon England and with Christian iconography. We think of internationalism and multiculturalism as something new. Sannosuke Nishimura RIP

Proud example of internationalism, originally uploaded by Keith Ritchie.

Is this an example of internationalism or globalisation? Does it matter which word we use? What is the difference between the two? Leave your answers and thoughts in the comment section for this post. (Just click on the word ‘Comments’ below this post).

International Studies Tuesday 3rd

Sorry I’m not there today. Our next topic is the United Nations, and you can find your task written out here. It really needs to be finished by the end of Thursday’s class. I’ll be expecting to collect and share your presentations then. We can’ts spend any longer on it as we have to move on. Your SAC 1 will be in your first class of Week 8.

See you on Thursday!

Really Just Misunderstood, Surely.

Groups A & B

Read the article ‘Ten Common Misunderstandings about the World Trade Organisation‘. 

2 groups then need to produce counter-evidence to each claim of misunderstanding named on the website. Record both where you got the information from and the author of the source. We will then review the misunderstandings and see whether you agree or disagree.

Groups C & D

Investigate the following common criticisms levied at the IMF, World Bank and WTO:

  • Race to the bottom
  • Earn more – eat less
  • Tool of the developed world
  • Reduces state sovereignty
Explain the basis of each of these criticisms and evaluate the validity of them.