If you need to contact me about any of your work my details are:

Email: mcculloch.jessica.l@edumail.vic.gov.au or jlmccull@gmail.com

MSN: jlmccull@gmail.com

Skype: jess.meyer

Send me a message through Diigo if you are signed up to that.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. hi Jess,
    i think your website looks great (i especially like the orange highlight)
    it’s kinda irrelevant but i just thought I’d tell you!
    okay i’m going to stop being a suck up now, so i’ll see you on Monday (the 9th)


  2. Jess, your course looks great, using the web to advantage. I am in the process of establishing an online learning management system at my school, and will send you a copy of the resources we have developed. Have gradually been updating the old textbook that I had a bit to do with into an electronic resource. To use the blog this way is great. cheers James

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