Revolutionary Paragraphs

Hello Revolutionaries! Sorry I’m not there for class today. Fortunately I’ve been able to set you a rigorous task so you don’t get bored…..:-) I can jut hear you jumping up and down with excitement!

Oh, but before I go on – congrats on your little Enlightenment class on Friday. You all did very well and I got some really great feedback from the teachers about how much they enjoyed having that conversation with you. Excellent!

Ok, now to this week’s work – on StudyWiz there are 4 documents – Paragraph Task 1, 2, 3, 4. You will need to get hold of these sheets – whether it be having an electronic copy or by printing them out. You then need to fill in each paragraph. (If you keep them on you computer you won’t be able to edit them as they are pdf. If you don’t want to print them, just retype the question in word and write it up there). 100-150 words each will be enough. to get the answers you will need to go back over your notes as well as do a bit further research. Thankfully I have written up a couple of posts that will help you do internet based research –

Better Googling and

Searching WITHOUT Google

Read through these posts, and watch the videos about using Google more effectively to get better results and then try out some of the tricks by searching for the information you need to write your paragraphs. (Make sure they are all in your own words and you have used at least three references for each one!) Record what the references are for each paragraph as well as HOW you found the reference. For example, make a note of the exact search term you put in to Google, or what search term you put in to one of the other search engines listed on the Searching WITHOUT Google post.

Also, don’t forget the websites that are already bookmarked in the Diigo group, as well as the great links that are on the website. You have today’s class and Thursday’s class to finish the 8 paragraphs. Take the time to do them well as they will make EXCELLENT revision notes later on, as well as great places to go back to to grab sentences for exam essays. Write up your paragraphs for yourself, but also add them to your ning page. Create a new blog post for each new paragraph. That way we can see what everyone has written. You can even write them in character if you like, which might make them a bit more interesting.

As you are going along with your research, start drawing up lists of events and people that you will be able to plot on to a mind map at the end of the week.

Work well and see you on Thursday!

P.S If you can’t get to StudyWiz I have emailed the documents to Peter and he should be able to email them to one of you to print off or something like that.

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