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What do you mean, search WITHOUT Google? As if! Well, yes, I’m afraid it is true. You don’t have to use Google and there are some other very useful ways and places to find information.

Visual Search Engines:

These sites are great for looking at searching completely differently and will really suit those of you who are visual learners. The picture here is a shot of what SearchCube does.




News Search:


Social Searching:

These sites search content that is member collected. The way to search Delicious and Diigo is by searching tags. Then you can see how many people have used that tag and click on to someone’s bookmark list which might contain lots of other sites that are helpful for you. Using tags to search in these sites is a great way to find lots of linked information.





Finding Information: Search Engines – A HUGE list of search engines and what you would use them for, for example they are organised in sections such as:

“I want to search by date”

“I want visual representations for my searches”

and then lists several places next to each section that will help you with your particular need for the search.

The thing is with these sites, particularly the first few I listed, they might look a bit odd when you first visit them, but just look for the ‘About’ page and have a read on how to use them. None of them are particularly complicated and will provide you with some great new ways of searching. It is worth spending the time checking them out, and remember, you have to show that you’ve used THREE different ones in your research this week. Happy searching!

Oh, and I should be careful about saying seraching WITHOUT Google, at least one of the visual search engines is actually powered by Google, and some of the others on the massive list will be too. Just keep that in mind.

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