What Is Technology?

Today (Friday) in RATW class we are looking at definitions of technology. There are three different activities you need to complete:

1. Answer this survey: What is Technology?

Make sure you take your time and note that one word or one sentences answers are not going to be enough to answer the questions properly.

2. With your mobile phone, go for a walk around the school and take at least 6 photos of items of technology. Be a bit creative with your photos – use different angles etc to make your photos interesting. Bluetooth your photos to my phone or computer, and I will put them on the Student Share drive.

3. Watching this video, called The Fourth Screen, then answer the 2 questions below. You need to write at least 1 paragraph for each answer (1 paragraph = 4-5 sentences).

  • How can technology bring us together?
  • How can it separate or isolate us?
Whatever you don’t finish in class time needs to be completed at home. Also, make sure you have signed up to the Diigo group and have saved one bookmark there. Come and see me if you are having trouble with this.

6 thoughts on “What Is Technology?

  1. Technology can bring people together through blogs and forums. Where we can share information and meet people. It can be very beneficial to be able to send and receive data between one another.

    Technology can also separate people and isolate us from society if we devote ourselves to it. Also if people do not possess certain types of tech they can be left behind or excluded from society.

  2. How can technology bring us together?
    Technology can bring us together via mobile phone internet chat sites technology can help us come together to a point where it helps us find each other and bring us closer.

    How can it isolate us?
    It can isolate us in a way that we get addicted to it and shut everyone off in the outside world. the way we do that is by staying in our room all day and just sit on the play station or computer or even the phone.

  3. 1. Technology has brought us together in many ways, particularly communication between friends, family’s and evens strangers. People all around the world have embraced technology to some degree.

    2. Technology may one day become smarter then the human, it’s not likely, but it’s a possibility. Technology can also spring war. Weapons of mass destruction are under constant construction. This means with access to the right resources and minds, these weapons can become very easy to come across etc etc.

  4. How can technology bring us together?
    Technology can bring us together through mobile phones, internet chat rooms, over radio, and even by sharing opinions, emotions and feelings about a movie etc.

    How can it isolate us?
    Technology can isolate us because it will keep us inside and out of contact with humans instead of interacting in the outside world. we can get into a game and be in our room for hours or even days without socializing with other people.

  5. How can technology bring us together?
    Technology is something every single person in the world uses, and for more than just one reason. a few ways that it brings us together are on the mobile, a notebook, pocket-pc, television etc. We use these pieces of technology to communicate with people all over the globe and also for entertainment.

    How can it isolate us?
    Technology can isolate us by keeping us looking at a screen to communicate to someone, rather than doing it in person, which lowers some peoples confidence when they are around humans. It can also be addicting, meaning we’d do anything to stay connected, or stay on a computer.

  6. 1. How can technology bring us together?
    Technology can bring us together in many ways, on the computer and internet using programs and websites such as Msn, Myspace and Youtube where you can interact with people from all around the world talking, writing and even videoing. Another form of technology – the mobile/telephone brings us together, where you can message and call people, organise physical meetings and just communicate in general. The video above shows that ” The Big Screen ” also brings people together, where in the same room as many other people they feel the same emotions and see the same experiences as showed on the cinema screen.

    2. How can it separate or isolate us?
    As well as bringing people together, mobile phones and computers can separate us. For example, people can get addicted to computer games and sites and start neglecting the people around them including friends and family. You could be so busy keeping in contact with friends that live further away from you that you start to ignore the people you live with and used to interact socially with all the time. You stop actually going to see each other in person, because with technology you just keep in contact by phone calls and telephones, therefore seeing no need to meet up. But everyone is different and use technology in different ways so i can’t generalise.

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