Globalisation Cartoons – Your Task

Find two examples of multinational corporations which have been accused of exploiting workers in developing countries.
Find two examples of multinational corporations which have demonstrated a commitment to sustainable development in developing countries.
Choose one of the examples and create your own political cartoon.  You can draw it yourself, use Comic Life or any other application that you know of to create a cartoon.

Other sites you can use are ToonDoo (email me for log in details if you don’t want to create your own account) or MakeBeliefsComix.

Oral Histories

Working in pairs:

Find an oral history of someone who has survived the Holocaust. Start at 

Go to and watch a virtual movie of the camp relevant to the story you just listened to.

Do further research on the main points of the story – events, places etc.

Be prepared to report back to the class and tell the story of the person you researched.

Crisis, Conflict and a Piano

Just to continue from the discussion we ran out of time to finish the other day, talk to the people at your table to answer the following questions:

  • What is the crisis you were reading about?
  • What is the conflict you were reading about?
  • What is the difference between crisis and conflict?
  • What political ideology created / caused the crisis and conflict you were reading about?
  • From what you have read and seen how accurate do you think ‘The Pianist’ is?
Now, in small groups you will be assigned part of the wiki to fill in. There are still plenty of bits of information that need to be completed. One group will also be charged with starting a new page on political ideologies. The ones in question are: fascism, communism, nationalism, and internationalism. It is important that you can explain these four ideologies.
Speaking of tricky words – it’s also time to start your own glossary. We will start one of the wiki as well, but it will be handy for you to start your own list of words you aren’t familiar with. ALL of you will be coming across new words and concepts in this subject, so it is really important that you identify what you aren’t all that sure of, find the definitons and then be able to USE them in your work and class discussions. 
Create a Comic Life (or something similar) that explains what ‘fascism‘ is. 
Two websites you can use for this are: Toondoo and MakeBeliefscomix

Checklist of what we should know so far…

Before moving on, we need to make sure we understand and can discuss the following things:

  • What globalisation is (here, here and here)
  • Arguments for and against globalisation (here and here)
  • What World Bank, IMF and WTO aim to do (here)
  • Criticisms of the above institutions
  • What a multinational corporation is (here)
  • What activities different multinationals are engaged in (activity here and table here)
  • Examples of countries where multinational corporations have been accused of exploitation or have demonstrated a commitment to sustainable development. (cartoon activity – keynote found on StudyWiz)

Make sure you keep up to date with the blog posts that outline the learning activities for these important points.

DON’T FORGET TO CHECK AND ADD TO THE WIKI. There is already some great information there.

The next part of our course includes:

  • What internationalism is
  • The UN – its structure and aims
  • The impact of globalisation and internationalism on key global issues such as international trade, the environment, human rights and refugees, technology and communications, politics.

Once you have completed the first lot of dot points, it would be in your interest to start reading ahead about internationalism and the UN. There is a recording of the textbook pages on the K Drive, and I am happy to photocopy or scan the textbook pages for you.